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Moving Pictures was exhibited for 3 months over Summer 2005 at the Ark (Dublin) for the Save the Robots Event

"In Summer 2005, Dublin’s Temple Bar will be invaded by robots when The Ark launches SAVE THE ROBOTS, a unique exhibition celebrating the astounding and bizarre world of artificial humans and mechanical beasts from an 18th century duck to Forbidden Planet, R2D2 and Terminator. "

Evaluations at the Ark over a period of 3 months and previous evaluations between Ireland and Sweden were conducted. We are currently analyzing the data.

Pilot tests about improvisational theater for adults using Moving Pictures

Video of Swedish children interacting with the system (30 mb)


Previous pilot studies

Pilot study at the Ark (Dublin) the 6th and 7th of November 2004; with the help of Eoghan Kidney (director of Delicious9 & visual artist), Leo Mc Kenna (Ark Tour manager), and Michael John Gorman (Project Director, Arkimedia)

Selected pictures
Dublin, Ireland -child recording with the camera
Umea, Sweden -children testing their storyboard
Umea, Sweden -children arranging their clips on the storyboard
Umea, Sweden -child uploading his videos on the Table

We hypothesise that a tangible interface that provides possibilities for verbal storytelling as well as for physical manipulation of media can improve user’s understanding of multimedia creation and increase product usability.

In this project, we used a participatory design approach combined to our process of thinking through making. Design sessions with young people informed us of their needs and preferences regarding group interaction as well as of attitudes and trends influencing their choice of products. Together with the researchers, users explored different types of input tools and tested a series of design concepts. We also introduced users to a number of cinematic concepts, e.g. space, time, continuity, point of view and action-reaction sequences, and developed solutions for a tangible interface that enables a flexible approach to these expressions.


Design sessions and tests with young users
Sketch models and prototypes
The following pictures show the process of our first workshops in which pre-teenagers from School of Ostermalms, Sweden participate in the design of the Tangible Platform

week 1- ideation


week 2 - Playing with RFID tags that control video clips sequences


Sketches by the pre-teenagers


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