MOVING PICTURES : looking Out/ looking In

a collaboration between Media Lab Europe and Umea Institute of Design

project continued at MIT Media Lab, Media Fabrics group and Trinity College, Centre for Research in IT in Education



Oskar Fjellström

Oskar Fjellström holds a master of science in electronics and has also studied journalism, social geography and peace and conflict studies. In 2002 he completed his undergraduate studies with a degree project conducted at the Interaction Design Lab at the Institute of Design, Umeå University, in which tilt and high-fidelity tactile feedback in the context of handheld interaction was explored and tested on 30 subjects.

Upon receiving his degree Oskar was employed by the Interaction Design Lab as research engineer, a position he still holds.

His research interests are diverse, ranging from alternative interaction modalities, such as gestures and tactility, to rapid experience prototyping tools such as Phidgets. In addition, he is a technology optimist and evangelist striving to disseminate awareness of emerging technologies, materials and gizmos to students and colleagues.

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