Claudia Urrea is a visiting research scientist at the MIT – Media Lab.  She was born in Colombia, where she received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from EAFIT University. In the mid 90s, she moved to the US, where she received her Master's degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University, and her doctorate degree from the MIT Media Laboratory. Her PhD thesis focuses on the creation of new learning environments for the digital era. She helps empower and support schools and communities of learners to evolve from traditional teaching methods and material into progressive learning environments using state of the art technologies developed at MIT-Media Lab.

Claudia regularly consults with ministries of education (Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Haiti) and organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank, and SEED-Schlumberger to rethink learning. She also works in collaboration with OLPC to participate in the worldwide deployment of revolutionary learning tools to children in the developing world.

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