Recent work from MIT and NYC. Some projects, namely MindRider and OpenIR, grew so big that they have their own web sites. Additional project info is also at Dukode.


An EEG Bike Helmet.

A helmet that translates electroencephalogram (EEG) feedback into an embedded LED display.

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Data from or to the human head.

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MIT helmet EEG
  • EmBuddy

    A stress-sensing wiggler.
  • MindRider

    An EEG Bike Helmet.
  • Where The Hel

    One helmet tracks another.


Place-based concerns.

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MIT Environment Location
  • Collective Power

    Block party - it's electric!
  • OpenIR

    Infrared for everyone.
  • UN Human Development

    Equity and Sustainbility.


Other stuff.

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  • Immerss

    Collaborative haptics.
  • Lumenhattio

    Stretchy, glowing covers.
  • NeckFace

    Urgency, birds, and the city.