Commonsense Reading Group (Fall 2002)

Tentative Schedule

Meetings will be held Thursdays from 4-5 pm in the Media Lab's Garden Conference Room (E15-363). It's circled in red on this map of the third floor of the Media Lab.

September 12 – Description Logics

Nardi, R. J. Brachman. An Introduction to Description Logics. In the Description Logic Handbook, edited by F. Baader, D. Calvanese, D.L. McGuinness, D. Nardi, P.F. Patel-Schneider, Cambridge University Press, 2002, pages 5-44.

September 19 – Case-Based Reasoning

A. Aamodt, E. Plaza (1994); Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issue, Methodological Variations, and System Approaches. AI Communications. IOS Press, Vol. 7: 1, pp. 39-59.

September 26 – Event Calculus

Shanahan, Murray (1999). The Event Calculus explained. In M. J. Wooldridge & M. Veloso (Eds.), Artificial intelligence today (pp. 409-430). Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

October 3 – Analogical reasoning

Falkenhainer, B., Forbus, K.D. and Gentner, D., The structure-mapping engine: algorithm and examples, Artificial Intelligence 41 (1990) 1-63. 

October 10 – K-lines

Minsky, M.L. (1980): K-Lines: A Theory of Memory, Cognitive Sci., Vol. 4, pp. 117- 133.

October 17 – Connectionist inference

A. Browne and R. Sun, " Connectionist inference models. " Neural Networks, Vol.14, No.10, pp.1331-1355, December 2001.

October 24 – Probabilistic frame systems

D. Koller and A. Pfeffer. Probabilistic frame-based systems. In Proc. AAAI, 1998.

October 31 – Constraint programming

Bartαk, R. Constraint Programming: In Pursuit of the Holy Grail. In Proceedings of WDS99 (invited lecture), Prague, June 1999

November 7 – Blackboard systems

Carver, N., & Lesser, V. (1994). Evolution of blackboard control architectures. Expert Systems with Applications 7, 1-30. 

November 14 – Soar

Lehman, J.F., Laird, J.E., & Rosenbloom, P.S. (1996). A gentle introduction to Soar, an architecture for human cognition. In S. Sternberg & D. Scarborough (Eds.) Invitation to Cognitive Science (Volume 4).

November 21 – Reflection

McCarthy, John (1995). Making robots conscious of their mental states. In AAAI Spring Symposium on Representing Mental States and Mechanisms.

November 27 (wednesday) – Reformulation

B. Y. Choueiry, S. McIlraith, Y. Iwasaki, T. Loeser, T. Neller, R. Engelmore, & R. Fikes. Thoughts Towards a Practical Theory of Reformulation for Reasoning about Physical Systems. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, June, 1998.

December 5 – Representing space

B. Kuipers. 2000. The Spatial Semantic Hierarchy. Artificial Intelligence 119: 191-233.

December 12 – Representing time

James F. Allen and George Ferguson. Actions and events in interval temporal logic. Journal of Logic and Computation, 4(5):531--579, October 1994.