Anmol Madan Bio

My research interests are in modeling human behavior using large-scale mobile phone sensor data, and applied machine learning and data mining. I recently defended my PhD Thesis, in modeling diffusion of social opinions and behaviors in face-to-face networks , with Prof. Alex Pentland at the Human Dynamics group at the MIT Media Lab.

You can find more information about my work in academic publications. You may have also read about my research in popular media like CNN, BBC, New York Times, Wired, BusinessWeek and Slashdot.

My past research was around building perceptual, 'socially-aware' mobile devices to help measure social signals. By modeling vocal tone and prosody, we were able to predict interest, engagement and object outcomes of conversations, dates, tourist experiences and job interviews.

I've been involved as co-founder in early-stage, MIT-affiliated startups related to my work. I've received honors from the MIT 100k Competition and the MIT Enterprise Forum for various startup-related ideas. In a past life, I was a technical program manager for Windows Mobile 6.x.

Outside work, I like riding a '03 SV650S. Here is a slightly dated version of my academic CV (PDF).

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