Achuta Kadambi
PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

E14-374H, 75 Amherst Street Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 715-4683

email: achoo[at] (preferred mode of contact)

previously: MS Yale University '12, BS Univ. Calif. Berkeley '11

Short Bio: Achuta Kadambi works at the intersection of computer science and optics. A key aim is to overcome traditional challenges in computer vision by leveraging joint design of optical capture and computational processing. Kadambi has taught courses on computational photography and light transport at SIGGRAPH and co-instructed a course at MIT on inverse problems in imaging. During his PhD he has interned at Microsoft Research in Seattle WA and Mitsubishi Electric (MERL) in Cambridge MA.


Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, Boston Globe
Macroscopic Interferometry with ToF Sensors, CVPR Presentation (Summer 2016)
Occluded Imaging with ToF Sensors, SIGGRAPH Presentation (Summer 2016)
High-quality 3D Scanning using Polarization, Engadget, MIT Homepage, ICCV Presentation
3D Courses @ SIGGRAPH and ICCV, Book Chapter
Qualcomm 100K Innovation Award for 3D Imaging
Multiplexing Lights with ToF Sensors, ICCP Presentation
4D Printing, MIT Homepage
Nanophotography: Coded ToF Cameras, SIGGRAPH Asia Presentation, MIT Homepage, BBC


Related topics on Time of Flight: see also, my colleagues Ayush Bhandari and Jamie Schiel. Other groups in this subfield: UBC, Bonn, Waikato and Stanford.
Related topics on Polarization: see also, my colleague Vage Taamazyan's startup and earlier work from Atkinson, Boult, Debevec, Ghosh, Miyazaki, Schechner. It may be interesting to look at polarized imaging for multipath analysis (A. Wallace's 1999 IJCV paper is a starting point).


Google scholar for public patents.

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